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We all love to win, but who really loves to work too hard to do it? That is the question I start out this article with, and it is going to end “only those who genuinely want to win work hard enough to win.” But, first comes the body of this article.

When I was about eleven or twelve years old, probably earlier, I realized that life was not going to be easy or given to me on a platter easily, I had to earn what I wanted genuinely or make a positive “stink” to get what I wanted really. I was not one of those “cute kids” that could just smile and tell what I want or even ask for it politely. Not at all. I had to earn it or get pushed down. Still real, true and valid today for me. What I mean by a positive “stink” is this: People can go about achieving their goals in positive and negative ways, do good and bad things. For the most part, I preferred the good, although I did find myself in a little bit of bad at times, I genuinely preferred the good or desirable ways of getting what I wanted. Because I noticed some of the other kids around me went in negative directions such as joining a gang, jumping people, mugging people, beating people up, stealing from them and the like, making a negative “stink”. I genuinely believe in earning what I want without hurting anyone else except in a self-defense instead of an initiatory way. Get the meaning there? That is what I mean by a positive “stink” by the way, in a nut shell or capsule.

So, that brings me to a point: I never initiated violence, I always used self-defense, and almost always except for one prominent toy (“Voltron: Defender of the Universe”, the Lion shaped spaceship set.) when I was eight years old. I earned everything I got or worked for what I wanted, especially computers and that type of thing which I either put together myself or bought myself. My first three real computers were an Atari 800 XE/XL eight-bit computer with a disk drive, IBM XT with a cassette tape drive and disk drive, and an Apple IIe with the two disk drives and a 1200 baud modem (remember those) and a 300 baud Atari dial-up modem (remember those), by the way, when I was twelve. My parents never bought me anything except for the above mentioned toy and my Huffy bicycle for Christmas when I was seven years old and my Mom did not really want me riding that because “I might hurt myself”, even though I was a cautious kid who did not even do the “no hands on the handlebar act” on the safest sidewalk, and only fought other kids in self-defense, no bullying!

So, that brings me to another point: Rationality and realistic honesty is a way of life that starts from the beginning of a life, one either accepts it fully or not. Irrationality, initiated destructiveness and crime are weaknesses, right down to the “necessity” of initiating murder, slitting throats and stealing to survive.

I am willing to work and not hurt others and destroy to get what I want for starters, whatever the cost is, I will rationally pay it honestly, I never take short cuts or “play games with reality”. Sure, I will accept help when warranted, but I am willing genuinely to work righteously, hard and realistically to get what I want myself. Well, that is the article for me that has my genuine position on life and it is going to end “only those who genuinely want to win work hard enough to really win” even if it takes multiple tries and ultimate genuine mastery.

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