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Getting the first tattoo is both an exciting and terrifying experience. You will likely have plenty of questions to ask or research, such as the cost, is the parlor safe, and how bad will it hurt. Here are five things to consider when getting a first tattoo:

Don’t rush in

The look, style and design are the most important aspects of the first tattoo; this is then followed by the quality of the parlor and artist. Take the time to research the different designs using online resources and inside the parlor. For the more unique design, it is possible to give the artist an idea of what you what and ask for a preliminary sketch. But, don’t let the actual tattooing process start until you are 100% happy with the design.

Research the parlor

In order to decide on the tattoo parlor make sure to conduct the necessary research. A quick way to short list the potential parlor is to use online reviews. When you have one or two that seem promising, you can visit in person to get a better appreciation of the tattoo artist, patrons, and health standards. Try to complete the research well in advance to make sure everything is in place for when you decide to commit to having the tattoo done.

Ask questions

A professional tattoo artist shouldn’t have a problem with answering any questions that you have. Plus, they will make sure you are fully comfortable before starting the ink work. If you aren’t able to get your questions answered to a satisfactory standard or you don’t feel you are able to connect with the artist, it may be a good idea to continue the search for the right person elsewhere.

What is the placement?

For the very first tattoo many people go with a design that isn’t extremely visible or large in size. Most first time tattoos are placed in the more discreet areas, with places like the hands, neck and face avoided. Plus, it is important to think about other things in life, such as whether the tattoo will have any impact on future employment prospects.

Don’t bargain hunt

The preferred criteria for choosing a tattoo parlor should relate to the health standards, reviews, experience, and artists’ skills. Avoid searching for the low-cost options that could lead to shoddy work and a higher risk of infections. But, it is still worth shopping around to get a fair price from the recommended shops.

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