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“Wherever the universe takes me that is productive, I will go. If not, I just found out one more way that will not work, and since there is always an ultimate answer or solution, I will not quit.” That is a modified Thomas Edison quote that defines my reality to a tee. When I think of reality, I think of the ultimate process of deduction until the goal is achieved, really. I do not think there is any such thing as ultimate failure unless we give up before that deductive, and inevitable success that comes from finding out what will not work and what ultimately does work after looking at what does not work.

In short, I respect the process as well as the result in this sense: I know that sometimes it is all a zig-zag process to get to an ultimate goal, not always straightforward. The greatest results come in the form of something you have to apply or work at, the greatest most powerful results are not a free lunch without understanding and reality needed.

I see so many emails I get that say “flip a switch, solve all of your problems instantly, and get rich without work or understanding needed, just subscribe to this email series.” I know, it does not work that way, and the person that genuinely and fully knows this is pretty rare, just like real qualified success in all realistic areas “across the board” that is worked at is pretty rare. Even then, the person who has achieved this will be so transparent about what it took and so “unbelievably” realistic about it that most seekers will overlook those reasons as too simple to be real, so to speak. A few will get it, but that is just it, a few will get it and practice or model what that genuinely successful person did with a few touches of their own. I get it. Most, and so many though, will not get it and go on with life bouncing away from the reality feeling that it is too simple and realistic to work that way and go on with their “Rube Goldberg cartoon” approach to understanding and application.

Indeed, success is success and permanent failure is quitting too early. That is the secret to permanent success. “Productive persistence” is like “reincarnational statism” or “reincarnational stasis”. Those are two word combinations that so many do not get, yet they have such understanding and power locked in them. But that is all it takes to succeed: “Productive persistence”.

How many cut to the chase and get that realistic though? Not many, the majority of people expect “Rube Goldberg” type answers to winning, not the simple, workable realistic actions it really takes. This is the article that says yes, not no, maybe so, or “sure, if you can”. So I end in an epic way with the saying of Yoda in “Star Wars” to Luke Skywalker: “There is not try, only do!” With what is here, my quote is clear.

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