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Life and existence are volitional consciousness at all levels. That is how the source of all, whatever it is planned, and that is how it is. If this volitional consciousness is not lived up to in reality, we achieve nothing but a fantasy. What do I mean by a fantasy? Watching the life we wish to live “go by” on television on our favorite shows while our real lives do not live up to “those fantasies”? It could mean that in some ways, yes. Beyond that though, what I mean is this and it is even more simple: A good life that is satisfying to an individual is volitional consciousness used right. A bad life that is unsatisfying is consciousness used in wrong or “dead ways”. Indeed, a good life is always for the living in every way.

Sure, I do not mince words when telling it like it is in reality. When I came to this understanding about reality, I realized how everything in consciousness and reality works from the ground up. Yesterday, I was in the hospital for a few minutes for exhaustion and overwork, and I realized honestly that if I am to win it really does have to fully begin to be up to me or I get nothing in the most implicit way. Because, reality comes down to what we create for ourselves through our actions and genuinely conscious thinking, not immediate and foolish wishes we make at each moment. (That type of thing is where “The Secret” and that kind of thing makes its mistake.) After all, intuition is a consistent process, not something we are wishing up in a moment of “high emotion” or whatever. It is a process of actions that produce results, overall good, or overall bad. Either way, to make desirable results we must always obey these processes in reality. Where do you think sayings like “God helps those who help themselves”, and “the doctor puts on a band-aid and medicine but nature heals” comes from anyway?

Question answered: Everything is a process we either do right or wrong from the ground up with a right or wrong foundation that makes everything work right or wrong ultimately. The process then the result is how nature and reality work, not by our immediate wishes or wants, but by the process. What do you think even well-run government bureaucracies show anyway? They show that reality to the extreme, but it is shown how things work in that sense anyway, take the hint. So, I volunteer for a local government senior center that does “Meals on Wheels” which is a well-run local bureaucracy if I ever saw one, but when it works, it shows how nature really works in the process sense and result sense in that order from the ground up. I understand, and I hope you do too at what I am getting at here in this article. It works, but not how we think. It works realistically whatever the situation.

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