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We can be right, wrong or in between in a gray area, but, the one basic choice in life we make works or does not work, there is not any gray area there. When I think about what foundation I am thinking from, I think of this: Does it work, or does it not work.

I do not think of anything else, that is the most material and spiritual question I can think of sharply. So, without further complication or contradiction, I will explain my view of existence.

My foundational thinking is actually quite simple in reality: I believe in sticking to my philosophical principles even if they temporarily fail, because in the larger picture when they do succeed, the permanent success will be bigger than any of the temporary failures.

Face it, anything that genuinely succeeds works on the same principle above anyhow realistically. That, in a sense is a genuinely right foundation in reality when it succeeds, for however temporarily successful something is on the wrong principles it will ultimately and genuinely fail, no matter how many “free lunches” and “cheating schemes to win dishonestly” are in the deal.

Indeed, the only “perfect crime” is the ultimate genuine virtue that succeeds so perfectly that it almost looks like a crime, it is so perfect. Such right foundations that there are not any flaws to the reasoning to be found however they may be looked for inside the idea, execution and everything. Nevertheless, success is success and failure is failure, and in reality although temporary successes happen within a failure, and temporary failures happen within a permanent success, the genuine nature of the two, genuine permanent failure and genuine permanent success never shall meet in a realistic way, but both conditions have their opposites within them though. That is what I mean by the ultimate perfect virtue that looks like a crime at first when it permanently succeeds.

That brings me to a metaphor, I remember a scene from the first Michael Keaton “Batman” motion picture where the Jack Nicholson villain Joker gave out free money seemingly with the picture of the Joker on all of the bills and destructive killing poison inside the celebratory balloons during the irrational party for the anniversary for the city of Gotham in the fictional setting. This is part of the exact type of free lunch metaphor I mean, and I end this metaphor with Batman saving the people of the city of Gotham from the poison by destroying the balloons, then, shining the light on the free money given by the Joker. This is a case where virtue looks like a crime and crime looks like a virtue, that is why I use this metaphor.

So, the basic choice we make in life that works or does not work is our foundation, from there, permanent success or permanent failure will happen genuinely. I hope to God, existence, source, reality and all that I am clear on this point to you from myself.

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