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Astrology has many uses and can provide insight into different topics, such as those related to relocation, health, family, career and relationship. Most readings will relate to both the living story of the client and their birth chart. Also, the astrology reading is customized and organic, and unique to any one person. Before giving a full reading, the astrologer will first need a detailed insight into your life. Once this information is known, the astrologer is in a position to give a reading that can benefit in many different ways.

Here are a few of the most appealing uses of astrology:

Key events – a useful reason to have an astrology reading is to have better insight into organizing or timing a key event, such as opening a new business or setting a wedding date. Also, the birth chart can help to give information on key moments in life, such as the signing of a contract, being involved in an accident, losing a job, or receiving your diploma.

Relationships – the reading that relates to a particular relationship is often referred to as synastry reading. This gives the opportunity to find out more about someone in your life, such as a friend, partner, or parent, as well as others like an employee or your boss.

Location – the astrology chart is a useful tool to determine how a specific location will affect your life. This can relate to future relationships, education, vacations, family and work. This type of reading is referred to as astrocartography, and will look at different energy lines and locations around the world.

Career – a common type of reading will relate to future career prospects and focus on issues like long-term prosperity, skills, and finance.

Health – the charts can help to give a spiritual reading on health related issues (not medical diagnosis) that may include discovering more about the time-frame of an existing health struggle, periods of susceptibility to illness, or other issues related to all-round health dynamics.

Immediate question – a further type of reading relates to asking a specific question that can range from an important decision that can benefit from more insight to simply helping to find a lost object. In most cases, this reading is performed using interpretations and horary chart techniques.

All in all, there are plenty of different ways to use astrology in your life and will be used in a thoughtful, creative and conscious way.

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