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Astrology has an estimated 80 branches in use, and has seen significant growth over the years since its original inception. Many astrologers are limited to a few main kinds of astrology, which may be used for clients, family and self-awareness. Here are several of the most common kinds of astrology:

Astro meteorology

Astro meteorology is a practical option for those seeking guidance on geological patterns and weather predictions.


Electronal is the type of astrology used to give guidance on when best to start a specific event or action. This may include things like when to get married, when to buy a car, or when to start-up a new business.


Horary is a specialty branch of astrology and concentrates on finding an answer to a particular question or even to give guidance on finding a lost item.


Humanistic is the kind of astrology that is practiced mainly in the west. This kind of reading is intended to help the client know more about predictions for the future, weaknesses, strengths, karmic issues, knowledge of their patterns and personal awareness.


The karmic/esoteric side of astrology relates closely to readings based on spiritual insights and interpretations.


The mundane astrology focuses on issues that relate to global changes, countries, wars and political events.


Relationship astrology is a very common type and helps to establish the strength of energy that may exist between two people. This may involve a close relationship between a couple, friends or family members, or even how well an employee and the boss get along.


This type of astrology relates to a person’s career path and what the future may hold. It can give guidance on your strengths to know the roles that are most suited to your individual character.

All in all, there is almost an endless list of astrology readings that can help in all areas of life. Whether you are looking for guidance on health related issues, wishing to improve on future relationship prospects, or looking to see an improvement in your finances, there is a specific type of astrology that is available to help. Also, the ability to take a reading can be quite straightforward. They can range from the professional readings to those that involve you reading your own chart. If planning to get a professional reading, make sure the astrologer is full-time in the industry and able to give a reading that is tailor-made to your specific needs.

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