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My first question about anything is: Is it important? Is it important enough to be at the top of the “food chain of my life”? Everything else is second.

Indeed, importance is the most powerful and needful core concept of life and existence.

The importance of failing until you succeed is of the utmost magnitude, especially when you have the “flaw” of persistence in your soul and spirit. Yes, if you really want to succeed genuinely perfectly, persistence through knowing what will not work is a most important reality. Perfection on the first try is never, ever mastery or even usually repeatable. A multiplicity of chances and tries is key to all genuine, repeatable and fully understood success.

In fact, as I was coming up with the concept of this article, I edited it to perfection first in my mind for a few days before I wrote it (just like I do most of what I write, or seriously conceive).

Also, genuine importance builds upon itself as a reality that needs to be acted upon with premeditated understanding of what is not important. Why? Without experience of what does not work, you will definitely not be sure of what does work.

So, yes, I am writing do what is important and discard the rest until it rises on the food chain to importance to you. In my life, realistically, I have come to this understanding very early: Take what works, and discard what does not, just like computer coding and programming for any application if you want it to work properly and ultimately well.

Sure, I seem to take a cold approach it all, but you must be realistic and “coldly” premeditated about life instead of “passionately” brash about taking blind action and hoping something comes out well on that “try”. Perfection is a science, and it is a cold science and reality of understanding what works and discarding what does not work. It comes down to that simple question that is the title then: Is it important?

On a final personal note: We all love perfection, but what are we willing to fail forward and pay for it genuinely?

Ending with a quote from Woodrow Wilson:

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.”

What more of importance do I need to mean?

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