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Many people have their body parts tattooed for art’s sake, though most would do so to remind them of a life experience or a promise that they’ve made. One of the best things about it is that one can show this to the world. The bad thing about it is that, when one ages, the skin starts to loosen and the tattoo looks different from what it was before.

Some cultures also prohibit having a tattoo and in some societies, having a tattoo can mean that you had done something wrong or joined the wrong crowd. That said, these are just some of the stigmas that tattoos are related to. What if you can have a tattoo but can hide it? This is where white ink tattoo comes in.

White Ink Tattoos

Contrary to the old school of stenciling and outlining tattoos with black ink, making tattoos using white ink takes a different approach as it uses high quality white ink instead of the black ink. Doing a white ink tattoo is the same as that of the black with the option of skipping the stenciling part as the color may bleed to the white ink and cause discoloration. This is best suited for individuals who are looking for a more subtle way of expressing their art or those with pale skin as they can easily be hidden compared to the ones that use black ink. One disadvantage however is that it is prone to fading as well as discoloration when exposed excessively to the sun’s rays. It can also be mistaken as a scar or brand and as such, it is important that one choose the best design or talk with their artist before doing the procedure.

Choosing Your Tattoo Artist

If you opt for a white tattoo, it is important to seek a professional tattoo artist to work on your design. One reason is that the process would result in open wounds and if the artist is not a professional, there is a tendency that the skin thus staining the design for life might absorb some colors. Remember that the white color is not an opaque pigment and as such, stronger color pigments can cause the staining. Inks may also turn green or yellow when the design is exposed or if the artist is not careful when doing the procedure.

Should You Get One?

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, it is important to consider if you want it exposed or a subtle one. A black one has darker pigments and is stronger which makes the design more impactful; however, it can be a problem especially if it is not allowed in your workplace. A white one is subtle and can be perfect but it is important to choose the right design as not doing so would make the design look like a scar or a health problem and can look unsightly.

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