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Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar system and plays a major role in astrology. It is considered the Guru of all the planets, or the Devaguru of the Gods. Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficial of all planets, imparting wisdom, knowledge, wealth and health. A well placed Jupiter in a person’s astrological charts imparts excellent luck spiritual inclinations as well as good education to the individual. It is said that Sagittarius Pisces are ruled by the planet Jupiter. The planetary position of Jupiter is also seen to have a lot of effects on the 12 houses from the ascendant. You can learn about the effects of Jupiter on each of these houses.

Jupiter Effects in Various Houses
There are the various effects of Jupiter on the houses-

First House
When Jupiter is in its own sign, which is Sagittarius or Pisces, it is said that the person will be a good speaker, as well as be well versed in Shastras and Vedas. This individual will be blessed with a good, happy life with a number of healthy children. If Jupiter is in its sign of exaltation, which is cancer, all of the above factors will be realized, and the effects of Maharaja Yoga caused by Jupiter can be enjoyed in the persons 16th year. However, if Jupiter is in the house of its enemy Capricorn, the individual will have a short life span in which he will indulge in sinful deeds. He might also be childless, and suffer from a bad life.

Second House
In the second house, Jupiter will bless the native with richness and intelligence. The individual will enjoy financial and agricultural gains in his 16th year. If Jupiter is in its own sign, the individual will be prosperous, healthy and happy. However, if faced with exaltation, the individual will suffer from a bad education; have bad communication skills and exhibit qualities of a thief and liar.

Third House
With Jupiter in the third house, chances are the native will be highly frugal. He will be clever and determined and will have a number of brothers. However, he will forsake all relationships. If faced with a malefic, the native will lose his brothers and be unintelligent and poor.

Fourth House
The native will be happy, smart and good-natured. He will also have the abundance of milk in life, being a landlord. However, if associated with a malefic, it will have the opposite effect as the native will be without land or conveyance. He will also suffer in bitterness, without a land of his own.

Fifth House
This individual will be highly intelligent, very generous, feeding others, a good conversationalist and full of life. He will be blessed with a number of children, with wealth and prosperity in their fates. On the other side of the coin, if encountered with a malefic, he will suffer a loss of children and loss of wealth.

Sixth House
The dangerous individual, this native will destroy his enemies, bearing marks and wounds on his body. He will bear a number of grandchildren and be free from diseases. When encountered with a malefic, the native will suffer from diseases related to colds.

Seventh House
The native will be highly educated but worrisome. He will have a devoted spouse and will gain happiness and wealth through this relationship. However, on the other side, the native might have relations with members other than their spouse.

Eighth House
This native will suffer a short life with harmful indulgences. The native will be sinful. However, if associated with a benefic planet, this might turn opposite with him having a long healthy life. If associated with a malefic, native might have relations with widows in his 17th year.

Ninth House
The native will be religious and philosophical. He will be blessed with wealth and spirituality and perform religious ceremonies. He will have a long life as a minister, king or commander of the army, and be handsome and learned.

Tenth House
A respected individual, the native will be well versed in scriptures and be religious, and a great orator. However, if faced with a malefic, he will face obstacles in his career path and indulge in harmful deeds.

Eleventh House
This native will be blessed with health, wealth and gains. His reputation will be widespread and he will own good conveyance. He will enjoy effortless gains and may own elephants.

Twelfth House
This native will have a bipolar nature; he will be interested in studies and good in mathematics, however, he will have loose morals and bear few children. If associated with a benefic planet, the native will enjoy the pleasure of heaven after death. However, if faced with a malefic, he will face the opposite; go to hell after death.

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