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We all need love. I do not mean any kind of love or sex, not at all. I mean artistic value reflections that we create for ourselves. It could be as basic as a work of art, or as complicated as a whole civilization that represents our values. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying anything like “play God” or anything partially authoritarian even, just the opposite, I am saying that we are the ultimate authority behind and with our own perceptions, actions and realities. The first and last thing we need is understanding of ourselves then in reality to live successfully then.

I remember one sentence my Dad used to say with a complete forthright passion and I understood what he meant, it was: “I do not play.” What that meant in my mind was, there are certain things in life you have to be definite and realistic about, and there is a time for everything, especially being realistically working in life. I may smile, I may have fun sometimes, he did too, but, there are times where you just do not play. To my way of thinking, the kind of playing my Dad was referring to is not being serious at the right time, and foolishness at the wrong time. That is it.

Think, our consciousness and self-authority have to be taken with the utmost seriousness, or not at all. After all, what do you think the philosopher Plato really meant by “Normal human nature could not be trusted to do the right thing at the right time.” in the original “Allegory Of The Cave” discussion in “The Republic” anyway? We have to be serious and honest when the situations and realities genuinely warrant seriousness and real honesty with ourselves.

This is also where the step by step logic approach of Aristotle genuinely comes in. However hard we try, we cannot act out of step with reality. That is the ultimate fantasy. Indeed, silly thinking and “not taking it seriously” has to be genuinely and succinctly ripped out of the realistic pages of thought and action.

After all, overconfidence and not taking things seriously at the right times loses things for everyone in every effort, even if physically won. Life is a full focus on reality and that serious responsibility reflects on us all, and I will end with two words in a second, but, think about this, real winners in life do one thing, famous or not: Wake up.

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