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Before I begin, I would just like to say that I do genuinely believe in an afterlife in accordance and in harmony with my Gnostic and Lutheran Christian faiths. Sure, our bodies are atoms, molecules, clay and dust in a sense, but our spirits are something finer. Call them indestructible, changeable with function energy, call them whatever they are. Either way, the spirit lives beyond the bodies, see it how you need to. Spirit is infinite, physical is finite and changing.

So, I can say this also: The results after dust, bones and dying are spiritual ultimately and realistically.

I mean what “three ounces or pounds” ‘mysteriously’ leaves physical bodies after they die? Is it spiritual? Is it the entity that ran the body itself? What could that be?

Sure, this article is about results and realities that count philosophically and realistically rationally. Indeed, though, in certain parts of this article there will be more questions than there are answers about the phenomenon of death, afterlife and all of that.

So, since bodies are somewhat disposable after spirit leaves them, is that part of the conscious anatomy what counts more than anything else? That which is infinite and indestructible ever working as the energy of thought and genuine spiritual being?

To my way of thinking and being, the indestructible motion of genuine reality is reality. What is transitory is that existence we call physical normality or “real life” then is it not?

Results and realities are always telling in reality anyhow, right down to our thinking about them in reality. The answers are simple ultimately, but the questions are usually myriad about those answers. To my not fantastic way of thinking, it does come down to results and realities that really are deeply apparent, not speculation or “could be, would be, should be”. The ultimate mysticism that is wrong is proceeding as if the wrong is right, knowing it is wrong. The ultimate mystical action that is right is a rational thought that is correct in action and in reality. As there are two sides to every coin, there is right or wrong, heads or tails to everything, all it also depends on is this: The right cause creating the right effect, or the wrong cause creating the wrong effect. That is it. Nothing else matters in reality.

Results are what we have to grapple with, work with, understand and live by. What is right is right as A is A.

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