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These days it seems that the youth is fanatic about inking themselves. Tattoos predominantly have been there for years now but it’s only now that people have become more interested in it. Movies have had an influence over it because we have all seen famous celebrities and sportspersons getting inked at some parts of their body.

But it’s not all hunky and dory when it comes to body art. Permanent tattoos are good but it’s not like that they don’t have any cons. IF you are thinking of getting one; there are certain things to know. The risks involved are:-

  • Infection: More often than not, this is the reason why some people refrain from getting inked. Diseases such as Hepatitis are spread through needles that are unsterilized. Precisely for this reason, the needles, as well as the equipments holding them, should be cleaned and sterilised properly. Also, the area of your body where you are getting inked should be protected for at least a week.
  • Removal: There can come a time when you want to remove the inks from your body but that can be painful. Removing them is a painstaking process involving several kinds of laser treatments which are extremely expensive. Also, there will be a permanent scar on the area where you will apply this laser treatment. So, think for the long term while getting inked.
  • Allergy: There pigments used in these inks are not that prone to allergies that that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. It’s not that you will always have an instant allergic reaction; you might have it even after several years of getting inked.
  • Complications during MRI: Many people have reported that they have experienced swelling and burning in the inked area during an MRI scan. Also, it might alter the image quality of the MRI scan.
  • Keloid: If you are prone to scars, refrain from getting inked because with the slightest bit of trauma in your skin, scars could form over your body art.
  • Dissatisfaction: Getting inked might seem exciting at first but after a certain point it can get blurred leaving you dissatisfied with the whole experience. Also, it depends on the skill of the artist who will ink you.

So, these are just a few risks involved when you are looking to get inked permanently. Precisely for this reason, a more viable option is to get inked on a temporary basis. They offer the same visual delight as permanent ones but without the risks involved.

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