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The spirit is all there is and our thought is the connection to it as a form of motion of the spirit. Thought and matter may seem mystically separated, they are not. In fact, since electricity is a form of motion and matter, each pulse of it could be counted as a form of thought. So, everything is interconnected in that sense. Indeed, though, when I think of spirituality, I think of everything as interconnected in that sense anyway. I consider this article an affirmation of that reality.

Beyond my way of thinking, the truth about reality is that thought, motion, emotion and energy is the secret. Call it the law of attraction and repulsion, call it whatever. This is the reality that makes everything come together or apart in nature and everything.

Instantly or patiently, it all works the same way in reality. The fantasy is disconnection of ourselves from these realistic forces of reality. The reality is that these forces connect reality like an unflinching glue of energetic connection.

So, I quietly say here: It takes alertness to sense the genuine nature of God, existence, the universe, all and how the genuine law works without exception in reality without mistaken notions of how it all works in reality. I genuinely believe that there are not any random chances, personally. Whatever we believe, the law of reality always works and works deeply and unchanging without exception.

We can have doubts, we can be certain, the law is the law though in reality. It cannot be circumvented or played with. It is what is. Sure, I believe in action, individuality and “working on it”, but the attraction and repulsion forces are always at work with or against said action to make success or failure.

Indeed, “the good stuff” is always success, and “the bad stuff” is always failure, and they both come down to a genuine consciousness, energy or whatever you want to call it. Whatever it is, it comes down to it, and it genuinely causes success or failure. So, I will end simply with, when in line with the law, and on the right path, “the good stuff” is justified, any other forces you take your chances with, especially dealing with evil, cheating, “the bad stuff” and the like.

My personal advice is to stay on the right path, do right to the best of your ability and ultimately you will succeed genuinely. But, then, that is just my advice I follow for myself whatever I need to do, even with temporary seeming failures. Living for success means doing what it takes to succeed genuinely and paying the price with full and transparent honesty.

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